Prison Ministry

Leader: Patricia Burt

Matthew 25:36 "...I was in prison and you visited me"  v.40 "The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."& Hebrews 13:3 "Remember those in prison..."


Nichols Street Prison Ministry

This is a very rewarding ministry. I named it the "Flying Free Prison Ministry" because upon salvation we fly free of our old selves & become new creatures in Christ. Like a crysalis opens to birth a butterfly. I started it in in Sept. 1996 after my brother was released from prison. He was the one who opened my eyes & heart to this kind of ministry. You just don't understand how it is in prison until you have a family member incarcerated. Before he went, I was under the same impression many people are that prison inmates were on the same level as animals & non-human. I forgot that they were members of a family. Someone's son or daughter, husband or wife, father or mother... While there are a lot of people in prison for heinous crimes, many are there for stupid mistakes that they made. There but for the Grace of God...

Our Prison Minister

Patricia Burt joined the Nichols Street staff in 2000. She has been married to G.W. Burt for 44 years. She has one son, Geordan and  a granddaughter, Vanessa. Tricia's main responsibilities fall under the category of office administration, but she has also served many years as the Prison Ministry leader at Nichols Street.

If you have a relative or friend in prison that you think might like to receive a Bible study please contact me & give me their name & TDCJ# & address. Also if there is anyone who might be interested in doing this, let me know as I get new students all the time.

With this prison ministry you can't help but develop feelings for the people you write. Sometimes yours is the only letter or card they get. Some of my students call me their 2nd mom or christian mother & that is a good feeling. Its always a blessing when you can help someone. People just don't realize the sacrifice in time & effort it takes. It is a double edged blessing - it blesses the person you are doing for & it blesses you. But you can see how needed something like what you are doing was! Its a lot of work, but its worth it. If only more people would step up out of their comfort zone & just do these things. There are so many ministries needed & that could be done. But people don't know how to just step out in faith & do them. You grow so much spiritually doing these kind of things. I wish people could understand that. I promise you if you keep on God WILL provide. When you do His work He will always help you. I have been constantly amazed through the years at how much He helps us when we do HIS will. I get letters that I have been floored about wondering how in the world am I going to handle it & what could I possibly say to do any good. Suicidal inmates, men who have been made to be girls for sex, etc. Stuff I knew absolutely nothing about & was at a loss for words about. I pray before I write & the words just come - they flow from the pen like it has a life of its own. That is not me! It is God all the way. Its unbelievably humbling.
My students love to get Christian & inspirational books as well as Bible study help books, so if you have any you no longer need or want, please give them to this ministry. They do share them amongst themselves.

Pray for my students as they need all the spiritual strength & guidance they can get in there.

Pray for me because I am getting Muslim students & some who are teetering toward becoming Muslims. I need wisdom in dealing with them.
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